11 x 1 Hour ‘Fixed Wing to Flex Wing’ Conversion Course


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10 Hours (plus 1 hour FREE)

Fixed Wing (3 Axis) to Flex Wing (Weight Shift) Difference Training in a Flex Wing Microlight. (Includes 3 hrs Ground school).

Your Training will be with a CAA & BMAA approved Flying Instructor & Flight Examiner.

This the ideal package to get your Conversion from 3 axis controlled Microlights to Weight Shift Controlled, Flex Wing Aircraft. This package consists of 11 individual Flying Training hours tailored to complete your conversion quickly and safely. The Mini- syllabus you will follow will have you up to speed in no time and have you flying Weight Shift controlled Microlights Safely, Competently and Legally.

The training programme will follow the following minimum exercises:

Lesson 1 & 2 : Effects Of Controls/ Difference of controls/ Straight & Level/ Instrument appreciation/ Flying S&L @ different speeds.

Lesson 3 & 4 : Climbing/Descending/ Medium level Turns/ Climbing & Descending Turns.

Lesson 5,6,7&8 : Takeoff, circuits, landings, glide approaches, powered approaches, Cross wind techniques, circuit emergency actions and go-around techniques.

Lesson 9 : Advanced manouvres eg steep bank turns/slow flight and stalling plus recovery.

Lesson 10 : Unusual Attitude Recognition & Recovery plus Practice Forced Landing techniques.

Lesson 11: Mini General Skills Test. (This is not a legal requirement for the Differance Training but we use this hour to assess skill levels and determine whether any specific further training is required/recommended for the pilot to feel confident in his abilities).

All lessons have pre-flight briefs and post flight analysis.

Ground school elements are covered as appropriate during the course.

On completion of the Course your ‘Difference Training Rating/Certificate will be signed off in your flying logbook, confiming your training.

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