Insight into the world of Microlight Flying-East yorkshire


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Microlight Flying – The Ultimate Flying Experience!!

This is the ultimate package to introduce you to the fascinating world of ‘MICROLIGHT AIRCRAFT & THE WONDERS OF FLIGHT’.

More than just a flight, this package includes:

1. A 30 min ‘Hanger Tour ‘Walk and Talk’ . The walk takes you around the hangers, the talk introduces you to various types of microlight aircraft, with an explanation of the differance between types of microlight. Included will be a brief History of Microlighting and an explanation of whats involved in gaining the coveted ‘Pilot’s License’.

2. The FLIGHT. You will then be escorted to your chosen Microlight for a 30 min Air Experience Flight. Taking in the views of the east yorkshire coastline and countryside.

This package is the perfect solution to get you in the air with all the info you need to consider the aspects of Microlight flying, and experience the ‘Wonders of Flight’ in these tough, safe and pure fun ‘Flying Machines’.

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