Microlight Handbook by Brian Cosgrove 8th Edition


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Microlight Pilots Handbook ‘8th Edition’

The all new and updated version of the Microlight Pilot’s Handbook by Brian Cosgrove.
This is the essential training aid to be able to pass the ‘Microlight License NPPL Ground Exams’. This is the main reference book for all Student Microlight Pilots and Qualified Pilots. Covering all 5 Ground School Subjects of the Microlight NPPL Syllabus. Written by the late Brian Cosgrove one of the founding fathers of Microlighting. With illustrations throughout the book, Brian’s  book is a must for Students and Licensed pilots alike to keep abreast of the subjects, Air Law, Air Technical (Covering both Flexwing and Fixed Wing Aircraft), Human Performance & Limitations, Meteorology & Navigation. (Postage and Packing included)

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